Data communication refers to the exchange of data from one computer to another computer.

in other word,Data communication implies the transfer of data from a source computer to a destination computer via same form of communication medium.

Data communication is the process of transformation of information from one location to another location through a communication medium.

The data or information may transfer between a source and destination computer .

Here:- The device that transmits the data is known as source and the device that receives the transmitted data is known as receiver.

Data communication aims at the transfer of data and maintenance of the data during the process but not the actual generation of the information at the source and receiver.

THUS, Sending the information or data from one place to another with the propagation medium and using protocols is known as Data communication.

Here Protocol may be define as the set of rules for data transformation.


Data communication system consists of many components that are works together to transfer data from one location to another location or from sender to reciever.

The main components of Data communications are :

1) Sender:- Sender is also called TRANSMITTER. As the name suggest Transmitter or sender is the device that that is used to send data or information.

2) Reciever:- Reciever is also a device that is used to recieve data which is transmitted by the transmitter.

3) Medium:- Medium is the channel over which the message is sent.Medium should be a cable, Radio Wave, Micro Wave , Fiber Optics, Infrared etc.

4) Message:- Message is the information or data to be communicated. It can consist of text, numbers, pictures, sound or video or any combination of these.

5) Protocol:- Protocol is a set of rules that govern the communication between the devices. Both sender and receiver follow same protocols to communicate with each other.

data communication Channel
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