Computer Graphics is the field of visual computing, where one utilises computers both to generate visual images synthetically and to integrate or alter visual and spatial information sampled from the real world .

In other word, Computer Graphics is the pictorial representation manipulation of data by a computer .

Computer Graphics refers to any sketch, drawing, special artwork or other material generated with the help of computer to pictorially depict an object or a process or otherwise convey information, as a supplement to or instead of written descriptions.

Computer Graphics is a complex and diversified field. A Picture is a fundamental cohesive concept in Computer Graphics. Each picture consists of points called pixels.

Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that deals with:

• Generation.

• Manipulation.

• Evaluation.

• Representation.

Of graphic objects with the aid of a computer.

Computer Graphics is divided into Two application areas.These are:

• Data Presentation.and

• Design and Image graphics.

Data presentation/Design

This provides symbolic representation of numerical data.The data can be from scientific investigation, industrial monitoring.

Design and Image graphics.

Design presents tha actual physical or geographical data.It include CAD(Computer Aided Design), CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Image processing deals with

• pictorial synthesis of real or imaginary objects.

• The analysis of scenes or the reconstruction of model of 2D or 3D objects from their pictures.

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